Thermal Conduction

Thermal conduction is the transfer of heat internal energy by microscopic collisions of particles and movement of electrons within a body. Certain applications require an external deposition of layer of material having good thermal conducting properties. However due to certain constraints conventional electrochemical process does not prove to be suitable at times. In such cases thermal sprayed copper and aluminium serve as an ideal solution.

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Copper and Aluminium deposited by Plasma or Powder/Wire Flame Spray process promote thermal conductivity. These coatings can not only promote heat transfer, but also increase the thermal efficiency by evenly distributing the heat. Few coatings suggested by us which promote Thermal Conduction are :

Material Category Material Code
Pure Metal - WA01
- WA03
- WC72
Alloys & Metal Blend - C71
- C72

Thermal Barrier

Thermal barrier coatings are advanced materials systems usually applied to metallic surfaces operating at elevated temperatures, such as gas turbine or aero-engine parts, as a form of exhaust heat management. They are designed to slow down heat transfer and insulate the substrate which helps to retain heat energy in the system. These coatings have a low rate of thermal conductivity and high thermal expansion co-efficient.

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Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC's) consist of a metallic bond coat and a ceramic top coat. The ceramic topcoat is typically composed of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) which is desirable for having very low conductivity while remaining stable at nominal operating temperatures. This ceramic layer creates the largest thermal gradient of the TBC and keeps the lower layers at a lower temperature than the surface. These coatings deposited by Plasma and HP-HVOF process produce a dense layer to combat high temperature oxidation and increase the service life of components by allowing them to operate at high temperatures. Few coatings suggested by us for applications involving Thermal Barrier are :

Material Category Material Code
Ceramic - B01
- B03
Cermet - D21
- D34
- D36
- D50

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