Electrical Conduction

Electric conduction is the transfer of electric current through the material due to inherent prescence of free electrons. Certain applications require an external deposition of layer of material having good electric conducting properties. However due to certain constraints conventional electrochemical process does not prove to be suitable at times. In such cases thermal sprayed copper and aluminium serve as an ideal solution.

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Copper and Aluminium deposited by Plasma or Powder/Wire Flame Spray process can be applied on poorly conductive base material to promote electrical conductivity. A combination of these coatings can be applied to prevent static loading, shield against electromagnetic radiation or to simply improve the electric conductivity at contact areas. Few coatings suggested by us which promote Electric Conduction are :

Material Category Material Code
Pure Metal - WA01
- WA03
- WC72
Alloys & Metal Blend - C71
- C72

Electrical Insulation

Electric insulating materials resist the flow of electric current through it. Certain applications require application of ceramic insulating material to prevent wear of components due to high current flow or potential difference or simply act as an electric insulator.

Solution :

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Ceramic material deposited by Plasma process and densified by application of ceramic sealant not only acts as an electric insulator but also provides excellent resistance to wear and abrasion thereby increasing the service life of components. Few coatings suggested by us for Electric Insulation are :

Material Category Material Code
Ceramic - B01
- B02
- B03

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