Steel Industry


Cold Rolling

Process rolls in cold rolling mills are subjected to wear and abrasion from the tensioned sheet. Wear marks on the roll barrels could affect the operation and also deteriorate the quality of the sheet. Plasmatron offers PIC DC08 coating for various process rolls in cold rolling to combat wear and abrasion and prolong operational life. Rolls coated with PIC DC08 are:

– Bridle Rolls
– Deflector Rolls
– Pinch Rolls
– Tensionmeter Rolls

Annealing Line

In furnace sections the rolls are subjected to temperatures in excess of 1000 ºC. To maintain quality of the rolls it is imperative that the surface of roll in contact with sheet should have no oxide scaling  or protrusion due to high temperature galling. The rolls in furnace sections are therefore coated with  cermet coatings like PIC DC12, PIC D34 and PIC D36 that have high oxidation and abrasion resistance at high temperatures.  These coating are treated with ceramic sealing compounds or cured at high temperature cycles for improving density or inter-particulate adhesion which makes the coating resistant to Thermal Shocks. 

Wear Resistant Coatings, Tungsten Carbide Coating On Steel

Galvanizing Line

Molten Zinc and Aluminium are very reactive and corrosive in nature. Molten zinc reacts with insoluble iron particles in the bath to form dross which is a hard crystalline residue. If such a residue is formed on the surface of the process rolls (Sink Roll, Stabilizer Roll or Correction Roll), it leads to inclusion in the galvanized sheet and even worse, it could lead to defects in the end product.

Plasmatron offers GALDEX DB13 coating which is dense and homogeneous coating that is non-reactive to molten Al and Zn. This prevents formation of dross over the barrel surface thereby preventing damage to the galvanized sheet. GALDEX DB13 restricts diffusion of Zn and Al through the coating which further enhances coating life and performance. The non-reactivity and anti-wetting properties of the coating prevent adhesion of zinc over the coated barrel surface thereby making it even easier for periodic cleaning and maintenance. GALDEX DB13 coated rolls have shown 5-8 times better operational life without corrosive pitting on roll surface or dross formation in comparison to uncoated rolls.

HARDNESS RANGE 600 to 900  HV0.3 
SURFACE FINISH 1.6 to 3.5 Ra µm
THICKNESS RANGE 100 to 180 µm

Plasmatron also offers PIC C55 and C55XT coated sleeves for rolls to withstand erosion and wear due to molten Zn and extend galvanizing sessions by up to 2-3 times.