Power Generation Industry


Thermal Power

Plasmatron offer a wide range of coatings for various critical components in Thermal Power plants. These include:

Steam Turbine and Control Valve Components:

Components coming in contact with steam at high temperatures and subjected to impact loads and erosion can be coated with Chrome Carbide based cermets like PIC DC12, PIC DC07, etc.., and Cobalt super-alloys like PIC C5X. These coatings exhibit high temperature oxidation endurance and they prolong the operational life of critical components by enhancing wear and high temperature erosion properties.

Some coating applications are listed below:

– HP Turbine Blades for erosion resistance
– LP Turbine Blades to combat droplet erosion
– Steam Control Valve components
– Abradable coatings for Turbine Casings for better clearance control & prevent steam leakage
– Insulating washers for thermal and electrical insulation
– Babbitt coating for bearing bush

Plasmatron also offers complete manufacturing and supply coated valve components like Valve Cones, Valves Seats and Valve Spindles conforming to customer specifications and design.


Boiler Tubes:

Boiler tubes are subjected to temperatures which makes them more vulnerable to erosion from abrasive soot emitted from burning of coal. Continuous bombardment leads to reduction in wall thickness that eventually leads to failure. Plasmatron offers TRIBODEX M range of coatings specifically developed for combating erosion in boiler tubes with negligible effect on the heat transfer efficiency of the tubes. TRIBODEX M coatings could extend life of boiler tubes by 3-4x in comparison to uncoated tubes.

Hydro Power

Hydro power turbines (Pelton, Francis and Kaplan) are subjected to high flow rates of water which often contain abrasive sediments and quartz. The erosion not only leads to reduction in efficiency and operational life but also affects day to day operation and maintenance cycles. Cavitation is also a dominating factor in case of hydro turbines. Low pressure regions of high flow reaction turbines are subjected to heavy cavitation wear.

Unplanned stoppages of hydro power plants could lead to heavy operational losses. To increase reliability of these turbines the components coming in contact with the high pressure water (blades, buckets, retainer plates, guide blades, cones, etc..) are coated with high density and wear resistant HYDEX DC09 Coatings that impart high erosion and cavitation endurance.