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Downhole Tools


Thermal Spray coatings and Weld Overlays help in combating wear & corrosion and thereby increasing service life & productivity of downhole tool components.

Above mentioned coatings could either be sprayed on newly manufactured components or can also be applied on old and worn out components after the reconditioning procedure. Optimal performance of these tools are very critical for successful operations on the Rig and minimising downtime and hence it is very imperative that the coating solutions provided are reliable and consistent. Coatings sprayed by HVOF process are consistent, highly wear and corrosion resistant that ensures prolonged tool life and operational performance.

Replacement for Hard Chrome Plating:

Carbide Coatings obtained by HVOF process has now become a permanent replacement for hazardous Hard Chrome Plating. Many research studies have been conducted and they have successfully proved that HVOF coatings are more superior to Hard Chrome plating. Apart from the environmental hazard that Hard Chrome plating poses.


A few advantages of HVOF coatings over Hard Chrome plating are as follows:
– HVOF Coatings more abrasive resistant than Hard Chrome plating
– They give better fatigue strength to the component
– They provide equally good corrosion protection
– The process is comparatively faster and more efficient
– Wide range of coating material options are available in HVOF
– It is compatible with a vide range of substrates
Typical Downhole equipment’s that are coated: MANDRELS, HOUSINGS

Mud Motor Rotors


Plasmatron now also offers complete repair, refurbishment and conversion to Tungsten Carbide Coatings for mud motor rotors. Plasmatron has indigenously developed a complete set of procedures for converting Chrome coated rotors to Tungsten Carbide rotors which can extend operational life by 5-7 times.
The coated rotors surface are ground and polished to mirror surface finish and contour profiles and diameters are maintained as per customer specifications. 

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